Project Rwanda


The Poste de Sante medical facility and Kibaya school will soon have light and hot water, vital elements necessary for any institution to operate with adequate hygiene.
Rwanda Project ONLUS has decide to donate two Off Grid Box units to the community. The device generates electricity and heat from renewable sources, and produces sterilized drinking water cleanly and independently.

The operation will mark a vast improvement in the quality of life of the community, since the rural area is currently devoid of any essential services. The primary beneficiaries will be the schoolchildren and pregnant women who will finally have adequate medical assistance.

The technicians of La Fabbrica del Sole have carried out preliminary surveys to plan the arrival of the Off Grid Box units and met with the authorities and local community to understand their needs and explain the project.

This solution based on the Off Grid Box represents an excellent preliminary trial that could be easily replicated in similar contexts in Rwanda and East Africa, even on a different scale.