International Cooperation


Our planning and activity in the field of international and emergency cooperation consists of:

Design of off grid systems and the Off Grid Box for NGOs and international organizations

The issues of water and energy self-sufficiency are particularly relevant in countries in the Southern Hemisphere, or during health crises or natural disasters. For this reason, we, in collaboration with NGOs and international organizations, designed off grid systems and the Off Grid Box that adapt to different contexts.

International Coaching

We provide networking, vocational training, and training in the use if Off Grid technologies for the staff of Non-Governmental Organizations and on-site operators as part of our international co-operation and emergency activities.

Training and Empowerment of Communities

For us, “Off Grid” is not just a set of technologies, but a paradigm of life.

Our projects follow a “bottom-up” logic in which the training of local workers and the involvement and development of local communities are essential elements.

La Fabbrica del Sole scarl. Project co-financed under Tuscany POR FESR Toscana 2014-2020

Verso il Nuovo Mondo is a project of three companies: La Fds srl, La Fabbrica del Sole scarl and the Bolfra cooperative.

These companies are about constructions and renovable energies and they have the will to expand their business out from the national and european market, especially in the U.S. one.

The aim is to create commercial and industrial collaborations, swap know-how and technologies between operators and create a local “net” to prenetrate the reference market.