Our design office is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals and is responsible for:

Architectural Design of Bioclimatic, Ecological, and Self-Sufficient Buildings

Our architectural design is aimed at the creation of building wraps made of materials that reduce energy and water consumption in buildings without sacrificing aesthetics, design, or functionality.

Integrated Design of the Off Grid and Energy Saving Systems

A coordinated design is required for the construction of low energy buildings and structures and/or the Off Grid Box. Our design team guarantees maximum synergy and integration in order to optimize performance and system efficiency

Planning and Fundraising

La Fabbrica del Sole operates as a leader and partner in eco-innovation and social projects that have their faces on renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental protection.

We work dynamically on ever-new projects proposals of local, regional, national, and European importance, taking care of the different work phases, from the search for co-funding lines in the draft proposals to the formation of consortiums and ad-hoc networks to the management and development of executive actions.